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Imperial Vault - Deck Smith v 0.1

Instructions: Change the text in the fields to alter your card. Click the Export button to export the results as a PDF document for printing. You can click, drag, resize and rotate elements. Change the picture(s) by using the buttons provided.

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  • This is a free tool. We always like to see how its being used, so feel free to send us your creations.
  • If you have any art work or card fronts/backs you can donate to the project, please let me know!
  • Developed & tested using Google Chrome.
  • Due to lack of support for HTML 5 Canvas element in Internet Explorer versions 8 and below, the functionality of this tool is not guaranteed in these browsers. An existing cross-browser work-around has been employed to provide what functionality we can. For optimal results, please use Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Opera. These are widely-used, sophisticated and comparatively secure browsers whose use is strongly encouraged in general.


  • Help! - Image assets for card fronts, backs and artwork for items etc
  • Higher-res sample images to improve quality of exported file, ~300dpi
  • Card backs - Done
  • Crop lines in PDF
  • Alignment for double-sided printing - auto centred positioning?
  • Ability to change font details (size, font, colour, bold etc)
  • Ability to change background image:
    • From predefined choices for card type - Done
    • From image URL (can work with services like Flickr then) - Investigated. Cross-site image sources cause a security exception to be thrown when the canvas is exported. White-list specific sites?
  • Ability to select item/monster images for card types:
    • From predefined choices for card type - Done
    • From image URL (can work with services like Flickr then) - security issues as above
    • From IV gallery pages?
    • From image upload - requires temp files or user log-ins