Aug 012011
Moon-lit creepy graveyard
Moon-lit creepy graveyardAs dusk falls, your Warriors approach a small village. Following the road into the village they travel through a crumbling ‘Garden of Morr’, a graveyard full of looming statues and dark shadowy mausoleums. Hearing a cry from deeper within the cemetery, the Warriors must decide whether to investigate or stay on the road…

If they investigate, roll 1d6 for each Warrior. If any dice come up as a 1 then  are assaulted by wailing, shrieking shades of the dead. They are driven out of the graveyard and suffer a -1 penalty to all Fear and Terror Tests in the next adventure as their experience haunts their thoughts. If any of the dice come up as a 5, then the Warriors each find 1d6 x 25 x (the Dungeon Level) Gold (roll once for the party) in trinkets at an unholy shrine to the dead. If any of the dice come up as a 6, then the Warriors may each take one Dungeon Room Treasure Card from offerings left at the foot of a stran.

Jul 192011
The Warriors are awoken in the night by the sound of thundering hooves. With mere moments to gather their wits – and their possessions – before they are ridden down, they quickly scramble to safety.
Roll 1d6 for each Warrior. On a 1 or 2 they must discard one item of treasure or equipment (their choice).
Jul 192011

The road takes you over a windy hilltop on the moors. Atop the hill lies a flaming, smashed row of hovels. Do the Warriors stop to help the locals rebuild their broken homes?

If the Warriors stay, then they spend one week helping to repair the damaged caused by the star-fall (adding one week to their journey time). As a reward, they are given the only item of value in the hamlet – the lump of now-cooled star-metal that caused the destruction. The Warriors can carry the lump to the next settlement on foot (adding another week to the journey time), but if they have a cart then they are not slowed by the metal at all. Upon reaching the settlement, the Warriors sell the star-metal to the local smithy for 1d6 x 200 Gold, split between all the Warriors.

Jul 192011

The Warriors come upon several patches of strange herbs nestled in the shadow of a crumbling wall on some farm ground.
If there is an Elf in the party, he recognizes them as Verdant Lotus, potent healing herbs, and manages to collect 1d6 of them before an irate farmer chases the trespassing Warriors away. Each Verdant Lotus can heal 3 Wounds.

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Jul 182011
Image of a Black Dragon by treijim
Image of a Black Dragon by treijimA column of dark, oily smoke rises from a settlement in the next valley. Being of the adventurous sort, your Warriors choose to investigate the smoke and soon happen upon the burning remains of a small village. Fearful villagers tell you that a great black dragon struck in the night, settings homes to the torch by the dozen and smashing the few stone buildings with its powerful tail. Compelled to help, the Warriors decide to stay and lend their aid in rebuilding the village.
Each Warrior contributes 1d6 x 20 x (The Dungeon Level) Gold to the rebuilding effort.
Jun 302011
Warhammer Quest Travelling Hazard - Swamp Gasses

Warhammer Quest Travelling Hazard - Swamp GassesThe Warriors pass through a region of bleak swampland, and strange gasses from the swamp water assail them.

Each Warrior must pass a Toughness Check (1d6 + Toughness, score 7 or higher) or is struck with severe nausea and is at -1 Toughness for the next adventure, unless they pay 1d6x100 to a healer at the next Settlement for a cure.

Contributed by Delve Lord (

Jun 302011
Warhammer Quest Travelling Hazards - Cottage

Warhammer Quest Travelling Hazards - CottageThe Warriors come upon an empty, thatched cottage, which is the perfect place to rest and regain their strength.

If they choose, they can add 2 extra weeks to their journey and heal one non-magical affliction each, such as a broken leg, disease, or poison.

Contributed by Delve Lord (

Jun 292011
Warhammer Quest Travelling Hazards - Cliff

Warhammer Quest Travelling Hazards - CliffA vast cliff confronts the Warriors, blocking their intended path to the Settlement.

The Warriors can go directly to the next adventure, or go around, adding 1d3 weeks the travel time.

Contributed by Delve Lord (

Jun 292011
Warhammer Quest Travelling Hazards - New City

Warhammer Quest Travelling Hazards - New CityThe Warriors are amazed to come upon a gleaming City on the horizon. This is not on their maps, and as they get closer, they learn from the residents that it’s a brand new Settlement in the area.

The Warriors can stop here if they choose, but everything in the City is 50% more expensive than normal. However, the City is nevertheless bustling with commerce, so you may add 1 to all Or, the Warriors can continue on their journey, with one week added to their travel time.

Based on a contribution by Delve Lord (

Jun 292011
Warhammer Quest Travelling Hazards - Crossroads
Warhammer Quest Travelling Hazards - CrossroadsThe way ahead splits into three roads; each heading in quite a different direction. This isn’t shown on the map! You make camp here and try and figure out which path to follow, but there is not much information to work with…

The current Leader (use the Leader from the last Adventure if a new one hasn’t been chosen) must make a decision. Make an Initiative Test for the Leader, requiring a 7+ to pass (1d6 + Initiative characteristic, a total of 7 or more is a pass). If the Leader passes the test, then they pick the correct road and make good time. A fail indicates that the wrong road has been chosen and the Warriors must add 1d3 weeks to their journey! If one of the Warriors in the party has a compass (for example, purchased from a Sea Port), then the Leader may add a +1 bonus to this roll.