Feb 222011

Bogoff the Snotling scuttles into view, heading straight for the leader. He sinks his pointy little teeth straight into the Warrior’s hand, grabs the lantern and runs off with it.
He immediately moves as far away from the Warriors as possible, while not leaving any of them in the dark. He will do this at the start of every Monster’s Phase, and will keep doing so until he his finally hit. When this happens, he drops the lantern and runs off. If another event occurs during this time Bogoff will simply stay as far away from trouble as possible and continue his game when it is over.
Bogoff may move through any square even if another Monster or a Warrior is present, and is never pinned.
Because of his small size and increased speed, Bogoff dodges all hits, including missile attacks, on a 4+. Even when a Warrior finally scores a hit will will merely be a glancing blow and Bogoff will simply drop the lantern and run off. Note that a side-effect of the potion given to him by Skabnoze means that Bogoff is temporarily immune to magic and cannot be killed by a spell. He can even dodge magic weapons that automatically hit.
The Warrior who hits Bogoff gets 150 gold.
Each turn, while Bogoff has the lantern, if a 1 is rolled in the Power Phase, Bogoff blows the lantern out. This is very dangerous as the dungeon is plunged into darkness. Each Warrior must roll a dice and add Willpower. Any who score less than 7 are completely lost, and may do nothing except defend themselves or heal themselves. Any who score 7 or more have a rough idea of what is around them and gingerly search for the lantern. These Warriors may move and fight as normal, except that they suffer a -2 to hit penalty. Each Warrior must make a Willpower check at the start of each turn until the lantern is found and re-lit.
Once he has blown the lantern out, Bogoff drops the lantern and legs it. The Warriors will find and re-light the lantern if the Wizard rolls a 5 or 6 in the Power Phase.

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