Oct 112010

You stagger wearily up a flight of stairs, almost collapsing against the doorway at the apex. Your companions fare little better, but there is a steely determination in their eyes as they scan the chamber beyond for the next threat. Taking heart from their resolve, you ready yourself to meet the enemy once more…

The Warriors prepare themselves to meet the dangers ahead with courage, and add +1 to all Fear and Terror tests until a natural 6 is rolled in the Power Phase.

  3 Responses to “Courage”

  1. A very useful event, considering all the fear and terror running freely through the dungeons! I am curious of the reason for using power of 6 to end it. If it was nothing more than to avoid piling on the ‘everything goes wrong’ on a roll of 1 in the Power Phase, then I like it for that reason alone. 🙂

    • Hi OW

      Mostly, it was to get the event to end at a random time, but also to stop it from being useless in an Unexpected Event. It seemed pointless that it would end when the Warriors most needed it!

  2. nice one mate!

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