Feb 222011

The ceiling above the Warriors’ heads is carved into the snarling face of a massive Orc. As the Warriors pass below, the eyes in the bestial face glow read, and tendrils of green smoke issue from its mouth. Moments later, a beam of Orcy energy shoots from the eyes, striking at the Warriors.
Taking it in turn, the players each take a Warrior counter from the cup, without looking. Place the counters face down on the tabl. When all the counters are out, each player turns his over. If a player has managed to pick the counter that represents his Warrior, then he has nimbly avoided the energy blast. If not, his Warrior is engulfed in a corona of blazing magic. Each Warrior so affected suffers 1D3 Wounds per battle-level, with no deductions.
Roll a D6: on a 1, 2 or 3 draw another Event Card immediately.

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