Jan 102011

Swordsman being disarmedFumbling your weapon in your desperation to vanquish to foe, you scramble frantically to pick it up before your foes can press the advantage…

If there are no Monsters on the board, draw another Event Card. One Warrior (determined using the Warrior Counters) was disarmed by his opponent and has dropped his weapon. He must pick his weapon up again before he can use it. He must pass an Initiative Test (1D6 + his Initiative, 7+ to pass) or spend the rest of the turn scrabbling around for his weapon, during which time he may not attack, whilst his opponent gets +2 To Hit. A pass indicated that he has managed to quickly pick the weapon up before his opponent can take adavantage of the situation.
If your Warrior has a second weapon to hand, then he may draw this instead, as per the normal Warhammer Quest rules, and he is then assumed to retrieve the weapon once the combat is over.

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