Oct 192010

Warhammer Winds of Magic Wheel

The Wizard bows his head as if walking through a howling gale, his travelling-cloak flapping madly around him even as your own clothes hang limply from your sweating frame in the warm underground chamber. Despite his obvious discomfort, he raises one wizened hand, crackling with barely contained energy, and immolates the greenskin savage nearest him.
The Power Phase roll counts as a 6. If this event is generated in the Monsters Phase then the next Power Phase roll will count as a 6 instead.
In addition, all Wizards reduce the casting cost of spells by 1, down to a minimum of 1. Other magic users like the Ranger Mage and Warrior Priest add +1 to their rolls to cast (remember that a roll of a 1 always fails).
However, the raging Winds of Magic are difficult and risky to control; each time a Warrior casts a spell, roll 1d6. A result of a 1 means that they lose control of their magic and suffer d3 Wounds damage with no modifiers as a result.

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