Feb 212011

The Warriors are confronted by a slumped , cowled figure crawling towards them, calling for help in a piteous voice.
Roll 1D6 for each Warrior. The Warrior with the lowest score rushes to help the stranger. If more than one Warrior has the same lowest score all of them go to help.
However, upon reaching the stranger they realised that offering aid was not a good idea. The figure slumps in their arms, dead, his cowl falling to one side and revealing his plague-ridden face. Boils and pustules cover the stranger’s cheeks and his eyes weep a thick yellow fluid.
Roll 1D6 for each Warrior, adding his Toughness (not including armour) to the score. If the score is 7 or greater that Warrior has avoided contracting the plague. If the score is less than 7 that Warrior has caught Nurgle’s Rot. The Warrior’s Toughness is immediately reduced by -1. Furthermore, if an Unexpected Event occurs during the Power Phase any one of the Warrior’s other characteristics, except Wounds, is reduced by -1 (your choice). If any of the Warrior’s characteristics are reduced to zero he dies.
The Warrior suffers from Nurgle’s Rot until either he dies, is given 3 healing potions or – if he makes it back to a Settlement – pays 2000 gold to be cured. Upon being cured the Warrior’s profile returns to normal.
Draw another Event Card immediately.

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