Feb 212011

The Warriors meet a mysterious cloaked stranger who asks them what their business is in this dark realm.
If the Warriors attack him, roll 1D6 on the following table:
1-3 Like a blur of lightning, the stranger’s sword flashes right and left, inflicting 2D6 Wounds on each Warrior. That done, he leaps over their heads and vanishes.
4-6 Under the combined attacks of the Warriors the stranger is forced back. He seems surprised that the Warriors should attack him and leaps away down a corridor into the darkness, dropping a small bag on the floor in his haste. The bag is made of soft leather and is covered in Elven runes. If one of the Warriors attempts to take it, roll 1D6 on the following table:
1 The bag explodes as the Warrior touches it, inflicting 2D6 Wounds on all the Warriors, with no modifiers for Toughness or armour.
2-6 The bag is full of healing herbs, enough to restore 4D6 Wounds on a single Warrior, 2D6 on two (or any similar combination).
If the Warriors do not attack the stranger he warns them that evil grows in this area and that they should be on their guard. He then nods farewell and walks into the darkness. Roll 1D6 for each Warrior. On a score of 1, the stranger has stolen a single item of treasure (determine randomly) from the Warrior as payment for his advice.

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