Feb 222011

As the Warriors progress through the darkness, one of them knocks against a rock that protrudes from the ceiling of the tunnel. To the Warriors’ horror, the rock falls away, and sand pours down into the tunnel from a hole in the roof.
As they stand horror-struck, they hear a dull rumbling in the distance as huge slabs of rock slowly move into position to seal the tomb forever. Each Warrior rolls 2 dice, and the scores are added together. The total shows how many turns the Warriors have to find the mechanism that disables these ancient defences.
From now on, whenever the Warriors enter a new board section, then whatever else happens on that section, they may search for the deactivation mechanism. To successfully stop the mechanism, the Warriors must declare which single Warrior is searching, then take a Warrior counter at random. If the counter is the one for the chosen Warrior, then the mechanism has been found and deactivated.
If the Warriors do not find the mechanism in time, and are still in the Catacombs, then they will be sealed in forever. Once their time is up, they may not even roll on the Escaping Table printed in the Adventure Book.

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