Feb 222011

After some time the Warriors realise that they are being followed by a ghostly figure, a proud looking man wearing fine armour. The only thing he lacks is a sword. He indicates that one of the swords that you carry is his.
You have a choice – do you give up one of your weapons and let him rest in peace, or do you deny that you carry his sword? If you do not give him a sword then he grins cruelly and reaches out to touch one of the Warriors. That Warrior is frozen to the spot for D6 turns, during which time he may neither attack in any way nor be attacked in any way.
Take another Event card now.
If you give him a weapon then the ghost smiles benignly and makes to leave. Before he goes, he indicates four amulets in a far corner.
“These may keep you from harm. Alas that I did not find them sooner.”
The amulets each contain D6 points of Luck which the Warriors can use instead of their own Luck. When the stored Luck is exhausted, the enchantment of the amulets fails, and they cannot be used again.

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