Jan 052011

The Warriors realise that they have been trekking for a long time without a break. They pass out some food and eat.

If you roll this event while there are Monsters on the board, discard it and roll for another.

Cross off one provision per Warrior. Play the turn as normal, although any rolls to do things are at -1 as the Warriors are trying to eat at the same time. At the end of the turn, they gain +1 Wound per Battle-Level, up to Starting Wounds. If a Warrior is at their Starting Wounds then they gain +1 Starting Wound until the end of the adventure.
If a Warrior has no provision or anything else to eat, they lose 1 Starting Wound for this adventure, which is regained once they eat a food item.

No Treasure is gained from competing this Event.

Contributed by The Custodian

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