Feb 222011

In a niche in the wall is a small, ferocious looking golden statue. It appears to be very old and of an unfamiliar but distinctly Orcish deity. Of course, the Warriors cannot resist the lure of gold, and one of them steps forward to take the statue.
Draw a Warrior counter to see which Warrior decides to take the statue, then roll a D6.
1-2 The statue is cursed, and as the Warrior reaches for it a harsh bellowing is heard. The Warrior loses a Luck counter if he has one. If the Warrior has no Luck left he loses -2 Wounds permanently from his Starting Wounds score. The Warrior immediately (and sensibly) puts the statue back in its niche!
3-4 As the statue is removed, a faint yet Orcish voice can be heard. It sounds very angry, and repeats a single word – “’Eadbutt!” The Warrior is hit repeatedly about the head by an unseen enemy, and drops the statue. He suffers D6 Wounds + 1 Wound per battle-level, with no deductions at all. When the attacks stop, the statue is mysteriously back in its alcove.
5-6 The statue is made of gold and is worth 500 gold. Until the end of the adventure, however, if the Warriors encounter any Orcs, Goblins or other greenskins, they are not placed according to the One-on-One rule. Instead, as many Monsters as possible attack the Warrior who has the icon, as they try to wrest the statue back. Any remaining Monsters are placed as usual. If the offending Warrior is reduced to zero Wounds, when he is healed, the statue is gone, taken back to its rightful place.
Roll a D6: on 1, 2 or 3 draw another Event card immediately.

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