Jan 052011

The walls of this part of the dungeon have been covered in scrawled curses and warnings.

Each Warrior must roll 1D6 and add their Willpower. If they score 7+ then they are able to ignore these words. Otherwise, roll 1D6 to see what effect the unholy graffiti causes:

  • 1 – The shapes and symbols glimmer as the Warrior examines them. Before anyone can blink, they begin to disappear from the wall and reappear on the Warrior’s flesh! This Warrior is now marked for death. When new Monsters are placed, they will always attack this Warrior first, until there is no space left around them. This effect ends when the Warrior stops advancing into the dungeon (at the end, or if they decide to retreat), or is reduced to zero wounds.
  • 2 – The Warrior loses 1D3 Wounds, fretting about what the words mean.
  • 3 – Perhaps the curses really have power, as the Warrior feels a sharp pain. They have -1 Toughness as long as they stay in the room.
  • 4 – The Warrior becomes obsessed with the markings, and cannot think of anything else. They lose 1 point of Willpower and Initiative until they next visit a Settlement for rest.
  • 5 – An old wound starts to flare up at the sight of the curses. As long as the Warrior is in this room they lose 1 Wound each turn.
  • 6 – The Warrior makes a prayer of protection to their preferred deity, which is answered. Any Luck tokens they have used are restored, and they gain an extra point of Luck to use in this adventure.

No Treasure is gained from competing this Event. Draw another Event Card immediately.

Contributed by The Custodian

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