Feb 222011

The Warriors stumble across a pile of bones, gold and other jumbled up oddments. The chances of their being anything of worth are fairly minimal, but they have a root around anyway. After all, nothing ventured, nothing gained…
As they dig around in the darkness, roll a dice and see what happens:
1-2 They spend a fruitless hour searching, and get thoroughly filthy. Nothing happens, but roll 4 dice to represent the passing of time. If any come up as 1s, take another Event card for each that does so.
3-4 The Warriors find some gold, resolved as per the gold rules in the Warhammer Quest Roleplay book.
5-6 The Warriors find some valuable items in the dirt. Each Warrior takes a Treasure card. However, they make some noise whilst they are collecting the treasure. Take an Event card now. If it is not Monsters, shuffle it back in the deck and take another until some Monsters do turn up. The maximum number will arrive, and they will ambush the engrossed Warriors!

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