Feb 222011

One of the Warriors suddenly feels a sharp pain in the back of his neck, As he clutches at his neck, he dislodges a tiny red spider which scuttles off into the darkness.
Take a Warrior counter to see who has been bitten, and another to see which Warrior is the self-proclaimed spider expert.
The expert takes a cursory look at the bitten Warrior, and declares that there is absolutely nothing to worry about, as it’s definitely not a poisonous spider.
The Warrior who was bitten must now roll a D6:
1-3 The spider was poisonous, and the Warrior suffers 2D6 Wounds with no deductions at all. The Warrior is also at -1 Strength until he takes a healing potion. Magic will heal the Wounds, but will not cure the Strength loss.
4-5 The spider bite contained a slow acting agent that works on the nervous system. The next time the Wizard rolls a 1 in the Power Phase the Warrior immediately collapses to the floor, immobile. For that turn, he may do nothing at all. The next turn, he may get up again, but all his characteristics (except Wounds) have been reduced to 1! Each turn, they increase by 1 until they return to normal – by that time the toxin has worked its way through his body.
6 The spider toxin speeds up the Warrior’s metabolism. For the rest of the adventure, the Warrior has +1 Attacks.

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