Feb 222011

An incautious move by one of the Warriors kicks up a cloud of spores from the floor.
As the luminescent orange dust settles again each Warrior on the section must roll a D6.
1 The spores are soporific and put the Warrior to sleep until the Wizard rolls a 5 or 6 in the Power Phase. Monsters will not attack a sleeping Warrior unless all the other Warriors are sleeping or dead, in which case they can kill the sleeping Warrior automatically.
2 The spores are toxic and cause 1D6 Wounds +1 Wound per battle-level, not modified for Toughness or armour.
3 The spores cause the Warrior to have a sneezing fit. During the following combat the Warrior loses -1 Attack and must subtract -1 from all rolls to hit.
4 The spores have no effect on the Warrior at all, in fact, he finds their odour quite pleasant…
5 The spores have curative properties and heal 1D6 Wounds +1 Wound per battle-level.
6 The spores are magical and increase the Warrior’s Strength by +1 for the rest of the adventure. Roll a D6. On a score of a 6, the Strength bonus is permanent.
Take another Event card immediately. If it does not reveal Monsters, resolve the event and turn over the next card until some Monsters do turn up!

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