Feb 212011

As soon as all the Warriors have entered this board section, huge stone shutters slide into place in all the doorways, forming airtight seals and blocking them in. Looking around for a means of escape, they find small alcoves in each wall, each containing a small brazier that burns without any visible supply of fuel.
The Dwarf and the Wizard recognise the braziers as ancient Dwarf artefacts, used in times long gone as a form of trial by ordeal, in order to prove his honour, the accused would plunge his arm into the magical flames. If he remained unharmed, he was proclaimed innocent and the shutters would lift. If not, the flames burnt him terribly and the shutters remained shut for a period of 72 hours. After that amount of time it was highly unlikely the accused survived. If he did, the trial was resumed…

To open the shutters and allow the party to escape, one of the Warriors must thrust his arm into each of the two braziers, making a 1D6 roll for each. If both dice score a 3, 4, 5 or 6 the shutters open and the Warriors are free to go. If either dice scores a 1 or 2 the Warrior suffers 1D6+1 Wounds, with no modifiers for Toughness or armour, and the shutters stay closed.
Each Warrior may only try to open the shutters once. If all of the Warriors fail, the whole party is trapped for the next 72 hours and is suffocated to death.

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