Feb 222011

The ground suddenly collapses inwards, and a great rift appears, exuding a huge cloud of billowing smoke, tinged with flecks of red. A screeching howl echoes from the walls.
Place a Pit of Despair template anywhere on the board, within the light of the lantern. Any model covered by the template will be sucked down and destroyed on a D6 roll of 6. Models which are not sucked down must be placed at the pit’s edge.
Each Warrior may look into the pit once, as long as they are standing next to it and do nothing else for a whole turn. Roll 1D6 for each Warrior that has a look.
1 The noxious fumes overcome the Warrior. He must roll 1D6 and add his Toughness. On a score of 7 or less he loses 1D3 Wounds permanently.
2-4 The Warrior is transfixed by the rhythmic pulsing within the Pit of Eternity. The Warrior may do nothing until a 6 is rolled in the Power Phase. Monsters attacking the Warrior in hand-to-hand combat have +2 to all their to hit rolls.
5 The Warrior reaches into the pit, and his hand closes about an item magically placed there. The Warrior immediately gains a piece of objective room treasure.
6 As he gazes into the depths, the Warrior realises that he is looking into the well of all consciousness. Every lie, truth, ambition and weakness is revealed to him for a brief moment, and he is filled with a giddying sense of knowledge. This new-found inner awareness is represented
by an additional point of Luck, added to the Warrior’s total immediately. This is a permanent increase.

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