Jan 052011

The Warriors hear an ominous hissing noise from above. A patch of stone work in the ceiling is looking an odd colour… it seems to be damp. All of a sudden it gives way with a burst of acid that crumbles the stone and sprays out at high velocity, coating everyone!

Each model in one room should roll 1D6, and discard odd numbered rolls (1,3,5).
An even roll is to be taken as a D3 roll for how many Wounds, unmodified for Toughness, armour, Ignore Pain etc are suffered. Multiply this number by the Battle-Level of the target (or Dungeon Level for Monsters). Only Dodge can be attempted to avoid this damage.
(For example, if a Warrior rolls a 4, they get 2 Unmodified Wounds per Battle-Level.)

No Treasure is gained from competing this event. Roll 1d6, on a 1-3 draw another Event Card immediately.

Contributed by The Custodian

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