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Cultists of Tzeench


Cultists of Tzeench

Chaos Cultists are a new type of Monster to include in your games of Warhammer Quest. Warhammer Quest Cultists  can be used at any Battle Level, and can be included in either a custom Monster Table of your own creation or can be added to a custom Event Card.

Warhammer Quest Cultists

Within the Empire and the other nations of mankind, secretive cults gather in towns and cities to worship the gods of the Realm of Chaos. In times of peace the Chaos Cultists go about their daily lives as normal, living undetected as regular citizens, whether they be lowly beggars or high class nobles, but always striving to gain the favour of their Dark Gods and undermine civilisation from within. It is only when the forces of Chaos approach from the frozen North that these cults reveal themselves, fighting for their dark masters from within the Empire.

Demagogues – Orators without peer, Demagogues use their charisma and talent to spread discord and chaos through society. These fiery individuals are utterly devoted to the Ruinous Powers, and often form the centre of an insidious band of Cultists.

Warlocks – There are always those wretched individuals among the seething masses of humanity who devote themselves to the search for forbidden knowledge and power. Some of these succeed in learning to wield the Winds of Magic in their most corrupt form. This is highly dangerous as these hedge-wizards do not normally have the skill or experience to control their magic unlike the more dedicated practitioners of Chaos Magic like Chaos Sorcerers or even Beastman Bray-Shamans.

Mutants – In the lands of civilized men, mutations are less frequent than in the north, but still appear quite often. In places such as Sylvania or Mousillon where Dark Magic is stronger, mutations are even common. These mutants are often killed at birth or hidden from the spying eyes of the Order of Sigmar in the Empire or the Fay Enchantress in Bretonnia and other like-minded institutions in other nations. If they survive the hunt, they have to live a hidden life and flee into remote places where they band together creating groups of mutants ranging from people with small marks to the Beastmen and much worse. When the power of Chaos rises, they might take up arms and break free from their hidden existence to execute their revenge upon a civilization from which they were banished.

Cultist Demagogue Warlock Mutant
Wounds 3 5 3 4
Move 4 4 4 4
Weapon Skill 2 3 2 2
Ballistic Skill 5+ 4+ 5+ 6+
Strength 3 3 3 3
Toughness 3 4 4 3
Armour 1
Initiative 3 3 3 3
Attacks 1 1 1 1
Damage 1D6 1D6 1D6 1D6
Gold 45 100 250 85


Craven (Break); Armed with 2 Knives (+1 A)


Armed with 2 Knives (+1 A); Catechisms of Hate; Frenzy 6+


Magic Item; Lesser Chaos Magic 1; Hedge-Wizard


Chaos Mutations 1;

Catechisms of Hate: A Warrior attacking the Demagogue is distracted by a constant tirade of hate-fuelled abuse, or silver-tongued heretical arguments and taunts. Each turn, before rolling to hit the Demagogue you must make a Willpower Test for your Warrior (1D6 + WP, 7+ to pass). A pass indicates that the Warrior is unaffected by the rants of the heretic and may attack normally – there is no need to roll again in future turns for this rule for this Monster. A failure indicates that the Warrior cannot shut out the meaning of what they hear, and suffers a -1 To Hit penalty with missile weapons and close combat weapons. Roll again next turn.

Finally, this rule has the opposite effect on other Cultists on the Board Section; so long as the Demagogue is on the same board section, all Cultists ignore the Break rule.


Chaos Magic is dangerous to wield for anyone other than a fully-fledged sorcerer. Each time a Warlock successfully casts a spell, roll 1D6. On a 1, the spell goes wrong and it targets a random Monster instead. The Warlock is included when determining which Monster is affected in place of the original target.

Chaos Mutations n

Roll 1D6 on the Following table:

1D6 Result
2 Crushing Claw – One of the mutant’s arms ends in a massive crab-like pincer capable of crushing and rending flesh and armour with ease. Grants +1 Strength, ignores armour.
3 Tentacle – A thick tentacle replaces one of the warrior’s arms. Strong and muscular, this tentacle is capable of grabbing the weapons of the enemy or squeezing the life from their bodies. Reduces the attacks of the first Warrior to attack the mutant in combat by -1, down to a minimum of 1.
4 Horns – Great curving horns sprout from the warrior’s brow, which he can use as a weapon when he charges into the foe. Grants +1 Attack at +1 Strength and -1 To Hit.
5 Bestial Visage – The face of the mutant is twisted and contorted into an unnatural and terrifying form, often changing to resemble the mutant’s patron god. +1 to the Monster’s Fear rating. Causes Fear 4 if the Monster does not already cause Fear.
6 Extra Arm – An extra arm has sprouted from the warrior’s body, from his chest, shoulder or even his head, clearly marking him out as one of the gods’ favoured. +1 Attack.
7 Cloven Hooves – The mutant’s legs end in cloven hooves, giving him a particularly feral, animalistic appearance. + 1 Movement.
8 Secondary Jaws – The mutant has a snapping, drooling maw that shoots out of his own mouth to maul the Warriors. +1 Attack at Strength 2, ignoring armour.
9 Massive Bulk – Hugely obese and bloated with foulness, the mutant is almost immune to pain. His clothing has split under the strain of holding his enormous bulk, and puss and slime seeps from his body cavities. Ignore Pain 2, -1 Movement.
10 Conjoined Familiar – A hideous familiar has sprouted from the body of the mutant, and it to him… Grants Dodge 6+, +1 I
11 Protean Form – The bodily form of the warrior is constantly in flux, changing from one shape to another, remoulding into ever more bizarre, alluring and horrific guises. Wounds inflicted on the warrior merely disappear as the mutant’s body alters into different shapes. Grants Regenerate (1D6).
12 Wings – Mighty wings sprout from the warrior’s shoulders, which are capable of carrying him swooping across the battlefield. Grants the Fly special rule.

Lesser Chaos Magic n

Roll 1D6 n times on the Following table:

1D6 Result
1 – 2 Failure. The Warlock fails to cast a spell.
3 Battle Lust. The Shaman gives an extra (1 x the Dungeon level) Attacks to the Monsters in combat with the Warriors, distributed as evenly as possible.
4 Doombolt. A bolt of black fire bursts from the Shaman’s palm towards one of the Warriors. Draw a Warrior counter to determine which Warrior is hit. The Doombolt inflicts (2 x the Dungeon level) Wounds, with no modifiers for Toughness or armour.
5 Hand of Dust. The Shaman may attack any single adjacent Warrior. If there is more than one eligible target, take a Warrior counter to determine which one the Shaman attacks. Roll 1D6 for the chosen Warrior and add his Strength to the score. Roll 2D6 for the Shaman and add his Strength to the score. The highest score wins. If the Warrior wins the spell fails.If the Shaman wins the Warrior suffers (2 x the Dungeon level) Wounds with no modifiers for Toughness or armour. If the Shaman is not in hand-to-hand combat ignore this result and re-roll on this table.
6 Blade Wind. The Shaman summons a storm of slashing blades.Take a Warrior counter to determine who is affected. That Warrior suffers (the Dungeon level) D6 Wounds, modified for Toughness and armour as usual.

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