Oct 222010

Goblin Sneaky GitzSome goblins are so sneaky that they are formed into skirmishing groups that can ambush unsuspecting victims – and to keep them from getting into trouble with their larger cousins for “Talkin’ back”. Often a party of Warriors will only find out they are being stalked when a hail of crude, black-fletched, poison-tipped arrows descends out of the darkness…

Goblin Sneaky Git
Goblin Sneaky Git Champion
Wounds 2 5
Move 4 4
Weapon Skill 2 2
Ballistic Skill 4+ 3+
Strength 3 3
Toughness 3 3
Initiative 4 5
Attacks 2 3
Damage 1D6 1D6
Gold 45 60

Sneaky Git

Ambush, Poison Attacks, Fire once per Attack on their profile each Monsters Phase with Bows (Str 3)

Sneaky Git Champion


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