Jun 262012
A sample of the board sections contributed by Talion78

A sample of the board sections contributed by Talion78Fourteen new Warhammer Quest Board Sections have been kindly donated to the Vault by Talion78, including a complete set of Caverns-themed board sections as well as some unique concepts like the Hall of Time and Chasm. All board sections are accompanied by a dungeon card to print out so that they can be slotted directly into your game.

You can find the new board sections over in the new Warhammer Quest Downloads section.

Thanks Talion!

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  1. Very nicely done!

    • Thanks Captain, the board section do look lovely. Its great that they all come with cards as well, you could completely replace the standard board sections with equivalents from this deck if you wanted to. I’ll be printing out a few for my games for sure!

  2. I think you should also host these in a seperate gallery. You can add mine too from http://cutlass.freehostia.com/roomtiles.htm By the way: Does he do requests as well? 😉 I’d like to see some Lustrian tiles but I’m too busy to create them myself.

    • Thanks Cutlass, that’d be great. I’d love to do a proper gallery, I just need a way to make it play nicely with the downloads manager that we use.

  3. Hi both,

    Glad you like them. I’ve had to slightly alter the tiles as they weren’t quite the correct size, border was way to small. I’ve now started my own website : http://quests-of-legend.weebly.com/index.html where you can find the tiles in the downloads section.

    I’ve got 3 more sets on the way, “Dwarven Mines”, “Northern Wastes”, “The Maze”, all ideas and suggestions are welcome.



    • I’m particularly keen to see a Dwarven Hold set, complete with icons and symbols from the Dwarf culture. Statues of ancestor gods, celtic knots, shrines to Valaya/Grungi/etc. Basically a Warhammer version of Moria 😀

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