Oct 062010
Entrance to Ancient Ruins

Descending below the floor of a ruined temple by way of crumbling steps of black marble, your Warrior finds a vaulted crypt containing a heavy stone sarcophagus with strange inscriptions in tongue long passed from this world.

The Warrior may attempt to pry the lid off the sarcophagus, and will require a successful Strength Test in order to do so, requiring an 8 or more to succeed (roll 1D6 and add your Warrior’s Strength characteristic; on a total of 8 or more, the Warrior manages to lift the heavy stone lid).

If he succeeds, roll 1D6 to determine what he finds:

    1-2: The Warrior catches a tantalising glimpse of strange treasures and ancient artefacts, before a seething black mass surges from the now open coffin, lashing the Warrior with tentacles like dark, sinewy rope even as he flees the crypt. He is at -1 to all Fear and Terror tests and looses 1 Starting Wound for the duration of the next adventure.
    3-6: On any other roll, the sarcophagus contains D6 * 25 Gold and 1 Treasure card

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