Jun 142012
Warhammer Quest Settlement Event - Big Trouble on the Little Streets

Warhammer Quest Settlement Event - Big Trouble on the Little StreetsA fight erupts in the street in front of you, and you quickly find yourself in the middle of arguing antagonists.

Roll 1d6 to see what happens:

  1. Mistaken for one of the antagonists, you are clobbered into the dust before anyone realises their mistake. You spend the 1d6 days in the Temple of Shallya healing and lose 1d6 x 25 x (Title*) Gold
  2. Mistaken for one of the ringleaders of the brawl by the local Watch, you are roughly slung into gaol, are fined 1d6 x 10 x (Title*) Gold and miss the next 1d3 days as a guest of the Imperial Town Watch, during which time you may not perform any Settlement Activities, generate any Settlement Events or pay any Living Expenses. If you cannot afford the fine you must sell equipment to make up the difference.
  3. In the swirling melee you get a swift kick somewhere soft and a broken nose, which costs 10 Gold to get patched up
  4. With a few well-timed ducks and dodges you escape the street brawl unscathed
  5. You floor a particularly ugly brute that had been threatening a merchant, who gratefully rewards you with 1d6 x 10 Gold
  6. The antagonists are a particularly violent and cruel street gang running a protection racket, and you assist the Watch in banging heads and breaking a few jaws. The Watch reward you with 1d6 x 25 x (Title*) Gold, and you may ignore the next occasion where you are fined or placed in gaol by the Watch as they look the other way by way of thanks for your assistance.

* Title: Novice / Initiate = 1 (Battle Level 1), Champion = 2 (BL 2 – 4), Hero = 3 (BL 5-8), Lord = 4 (BL 9 – 10).

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