Jun 252012
Warhammer Quest Settlement Event - Entourage

Warhammer Quest Settlement Event - EntourageYou are rudely shoved aside by a hired thug as a convoy of Nobles and their entourages travel through the crowded streets in carriages.
Roll 1d6 to see how you react:
1 – “I slay Orcs by the dozen to be shoved about by likes of you?” You take exception to being treated thus and deliver a sound thrashing to the hired muscle. The Watch haul you in for questioning and you spend the next 1d3 days in gaol. Whilst in gaol you may not visit any Traders, Special Locations etc and do not generate Settlement Events.
2-5 – You bite your tongue, and the convoy of Nobles continue in their carriages, unaware of the incident.
6 – You protest loudly at your treatment and the coach one of the Nobles stops. Roll 1d6 and add your Title*. On a 7+ the Noble recognises you from the tales told of your exploits and gives you 100 Gold for each point you passed the test by (7 = 100 Gold, 8 = 200 Gold and so on) by way of compensation.

*Battle Leve 1 = 1, BL 2-4 = 2, BL 5-8 = 3, BL 9-10 = 4, corresponding to the titles Novice, Champion, Hero and Lord.

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