Mar 152012
Warhammer Quest Settlement Event - Stray Hound

Warhammer Quest Settlement Event - Stray HoundA stray hound has taken to following you around town, waiting outside you lodgings until the dawn so that it can be by your side as you go about your business. It would be touching, were it not for the scrawny, flea-bitten, and above all malodorous presence of the dog.

So bad is the smell of the dog that all purchases count as having a stock value of 1 point higher than normal whist the hound follows you, and all Special Locations are at -1 on the dice roll. The mangy wretch follows your Warrior for 1d6 days. Each day after the first, the Warrior may make an Initiative Test at the end of the day (1d6 + Initiative, 8+ to pass). Success indicates that the Warrior has managed to shake the stray off, or palmed it off on some unsuspecting charitable person, hospice, or fool with no sense of smell.

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