Jun 292011
Warhammer Quest Travelling Hazards - Crossroads
Warhammer Quest Travelling Hazards - CrossroadsThe way ahead splits into three roads; each heading in quite a different direction. This isn’t shown on the map! You make camp here and try and figure out which path to follow, but there is not much information to work with…

The current Leader (use the Leader from the last Adventure if a new one hasn’t been chosen) must make a decision. Make an Initiative Test for the Leader, requiring a 7+ to pass (1d6 + Initiative characteristic, a total of 7 or more is a pass). If the Leader passes the test, then they pick the correct road and make good time. A fail indicates that the wrong road has been chosen and the Warriors must add 1d3 weeks to their journey! If one of the Warriors in the party has a compass (for example, purchased from a Sea Port), then the Leader may add a +1 bonus to this roll.

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