Aug 012011
Moon-lit creepy graveyard
Moon-lit creepy graveyardAs dusk falls, your Warriors approach a small village. Following the road into the village they travel through a crumbling ‘Garden of Morr’, a graveyard full of looming statues and dark shadowy mausoleums. Hearing a cry from deeper within the cemetery, the Warriors must decide whether to investigate or stay on the road…

If they investigate, roll 1d6 for each Warrior. If any dice come up as a 1 then  are assaulted by wailing, shrieking shades of the dead. They are driven out of the graveyard and suffer a -1 penalty to all Fear and Terror Tests in the next adventure as their experience haunts their thoughts. If any of the dice come up as a 5, then the Warriors each find 1d6 x 25 x (the Dungeon Level) Gold (roll once for the party) in trinkets at an unholy shrine to the dead. If any of the dice come up as a 6, then the Warriors may each take one Dungeon Room Treasure Card from offerings left at the foot of a stran.

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