Aug 012011
Ghostly horseman
Ghostly horsemanThe Warriors spy a ghostly form following them over the moor. It gains quickly, resolving into the ethereal form of a once-proud and mighty Empire Knight Templar wielding a blade that emits a blue effervescent glow.
Each Warrior rolls 1d6. The Warrior with the lowest score is singled out and ridden-down by the ghostly knight! Make a Willpower Test for the Warrior, requiring an 8+ to succeed (1d6 + WP characteristic, 8+ to pass). If the test if failed, upon collision the Warrior is knocked to the ground and knight has vanished leaving only a terrifying wail. The Warrior recovers, but is so shaken by the touch of one from beyond the grave he permanently loses 1 Starting Wound.

A pass results in the Warrior collapsing as above, but when he awakes he is holding the enchanted blade wielded by the ghostly knight. The blade is magical, causes +1 damage in combat and renders the wielder immune to Fear and Terror caused by the Undead.

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