Jan 062011

This evening one of your party has either prayed to one of the gods or has cursed using their name. Normally, it seems that the gods pay little attention to such things, but tonight is different – tonight, the gods are listening…

Roll 1D6 to determine the god’s response.

1. The god has been somewhat offended! The Warriors are cursed with a disease that weakens them and slows them down, adding two more weeks to their journey!
2-3. The god decides to punish one of the Warriors for some wrong-doing. A random Warrior suffers -1 Wound permanently.
4-5. The god smiles upon a random Warriors granting increased vitality: +1 Wound permanently.
6. The god is so pleased with a random Warrior that an Objective Room treasure suddenly appears in the Warrior’s bag! (Optionally: A Chaos Warrior gets a random Chaos Artefact instead)

Donated by Old Warrior (http://www.goodsandgoodies.com/wq/)

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