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Here you will find board sections, character sheets and other downloads for your games of Warhammer Quest.

Got your own Warhammer Quest Downloads?

If you have any Warhammer Quest files and rules that you have created or want to share, please feel free to send the details to us using the Contact page and we’ll be happy to host them on this site. Want to see more of a particular type of download? Let us know!

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Warhammer Quest Reference Sheets

Handy reference guides, particularly useful for new players and veteran adventurers alike.

Warhammer Quest Board Sections

To use these in your games, simply download these Board Sections, print them out onto paper and glue them onto heavy black card or photo-mounting board. Tacky spray adhesives make this very quick. For best results, black-line the Board Sections using a permanent marker to avoid seeing the white of the card around the edges of the Board Section.

Warhammer Quest Event Cards

Warhammer Quest Warrior Sheets

Alehouse Events


Other Event Generators

  7 Responses to “Warhammer Quest Downloads”

  1. You guys rock!!!! Id like to see more rooms and cards!!!! but in P.D.F form.. I cant print zip files!! also it would be awesome to have more characters in card form like the ones from the box!!!with their own equipment
    cards and all!!!!!

  2. Hi Gridespider – thanks for dropping by!

    You are right, PDF files certainly are easier to print from. I’ve replaced many of Talion’s Board Sections with PDF versions that contain both the Board Section and the Dungeon Card in one file for printing. Hope this helps!


  3. Awesome – just bring our box back to life with son : ) and can’t find all the parts

  4. Really need Rule Book and Adventure Book, if anyone has copies as .pdfs?
    Ours got eaten by mould in shed!!!
    E: Cas bie at hot mail dot com
    Many thanks for keeping Warhammer Quest alive!!!!
    : )

  5. what do i need to play this game? What parts do i need to download and what do i need to buy

  6. Hi does anyone have a PDF copy of the two expansions quest books?

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