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This section contains new rules for using the forces of Chaos in your games of Warhammer Quest, including new types of Monster as well as new Magic Items, Magic Armour and Magic Weapons to use along side or instead of the items found in the Roleplay Book. You can use these rules to produce new Event Cards and tables, adding greater variety and more character to your games.

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The forces of Chaos in Warhammer Quest

To the far north of the Old World lies a nightmare region known as the Realm of Chaos. Here the forces of Chaos – the armies of Khorne the Blood God, Slaanesh the God of Pleasure, Nurgle the Lord of Pestilence and Tzeentch the Changer of Ways – wage eternal war against each other, occasionally they combine their forces and sweep down to the south to attack the civilised world, and establish strongholds in the dark, forbidding places such as abandoned Dwarf holds.

– Warhammer Quest Roleplay Book

More Information about Warhammer Quest Chaos Monsters

The forces of Chaos were never given their own expansion pack by Games Workshop, however an Official Chaos Warrior Warrior-Pack was produced which contained some background on the Ruinous Powers and their twisted servants.  Just like Warhammer Quest, the Chaos Warrior Warrior-Pack is out of production but if you are lucky you can find a second-hand copy on eBay or other auction site.

Possibly better sources of background material include the Warhammer Armies: Daemons of Chaos, Warhammer Armies: Warriors of Chaos and Warhammer Armies: Beastmen, all published by Games Workshop and distributed by lots of retailers online. There is a section devoted to each of these armies in the Warhammer Section of the main Games Workshop website as well.
Finally, websites devoted to Warhammer Online, an online role-play game published by Mythic, contain lots of artwork and background for all of the races involved.

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