Warhammer Quest Special Location – The Healer


“The Healer” is a new Warhammer Quest Special Location that can be included in your games of Warhammer Quest by including it as just another Special Location for the Warriors to visit in any kind of Settlement.

Whether a grand temple of the sisterhood of Shallya, a wizened physician keen to make a few coins, or a mad old lady living the life of a hermit in a creepy, ramshackle cottage on the outskirts of a village; most settlements have a Healer living among the populace.
A Healer is a Special Location as found in the Settlements section in the Roleplay Book, except that it can be found on a 4 or more when searching for it.
Whilst at the Healer, you can buy food, bandages, salves of healing and even more outlandish herbs and potions. The items described below can be bought from the Healer, using the rules for Time Wasting, stock, quantity and so on just like when visiting a Trader.

Also, whilst at the Healer, you may attempt to cure your Warrior of the effects of Poison, Plague or Starting Wounds penalties that affect him for the next Adventure. To do this, you must stay at the Healer for 1 day per stat-point (for example, each point of Strength, Toughness or Starting Wounds) that you wish to recover. During this time you do not need to roll for Settlement Events. Each day, you pay 1d6 x 50 x (Your Battle Level) Gold, and then roll 1d6. On a 3+ the Healer was able to repair the damage to your Warrior’s body.

EquipmentBDEWStockCost (Buy)Cost (Sell)Special Rules
Bandages(*)YYYY550 Each51D6 Bandages available. See notes.
Healing PotionsYYYY675251d6 Healing Potions - Each potion heals 1d6 Wounds, and may be drunk when the Warrior is on zero Wounds. One use each.
Healing SalveYYYY45051d6 doses, each dose Heals d3 Wounds, good for one use each. At the end of an Adventure, roll 1d6 for each dose. On a 1, the dose has gone off and is useless.
Medicated BandagesYYYY66051d6 available. As Bandages. Heals 4 Wounds.
Potion of AntidoteYYYY850050One use only. Counteracts the effects of Poison. Each potion reverses the effect of one point of Strength being docked as a result of Poison (see the Roleplay Book page 85).
Potion of RestorationYYYY850050One use only. Counteracts the effects of Plague. Each potion reverses the effect of one point of Toughness being docked as a result of catching Plague (see the Roleplay Book page 84).
Potion of VitalityYYYY820020Restores all of a Warrior's Wounds if drunk in one go (one dose), or half if only half is drunk (two doses). Each dose can only be used once.
PoulticeYYYY430-Heals one Wound. At the end of the adventure, each unused poultice spoils on a d6 roll of a 4+.
Provisions(*)YYYY550 Each-1D6 Provisions available. See notes.
Sleeping Draught(*)YYYY8125251d3 Sleeping Draughts available. See notes.


Each bandage restores 3 Wounds. One use then discard. At the end of each adventure roll 1D6 for each bandage. On a score of 1, 2 or 3 the bandage has perished and is of no further use.


Each set of provisions restores 2 Wounds. At the end of each adventure unused provisions must be discarded, as they have spoiled.

*Sleeping Draught

Can be given to an unconscious Warrior or Monster to keep them unconscious (unless you can convince them to take the draught willingly...).
Once taken, renders the drinker unconscious for 1 turn. At the start of each turn, roll 1d6 and add the drinker's natural Toughness. On an 8 or more, they wake up and may act normally.

If the drinker is the size of an Ogre, Minotaur etc then they will need to consume 2 sleeping draughts before they will take effect. Monsters with the Large Monster, Daemonic or Ethereal Special Rules are not affected by sleeping draughts, nor are any of the Undead except Necromancers and Ghouls.

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