Random Warhammer Quest Dungeon Events


This page generates one random Dungeon Event from the list of Warhammer Quest Dungeon Events here at the Imperial Vault. This is very useful for quickly generating Dungeon Events, as it avoids creating and rolling on custom Events tables, and you don’t have to squeeze all of the information and images onto a small card.

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Your Random Warhammer Quest Dungeon Event

The following random event has been generated:


Trap! Jaws of Death

One of the Warriors places their hand carelessly on a wall, and a pair of spring-loaded, metal-tipped jaws close sharply on it. This trap deals 1D6 unmodified Wounds to the Warrior in question, who is randomly selected from all the Warriors standing next to a wall. If no Warrior is standing next to a wall, reroll the event. The trapped Warrior can immediately make a Strength Test to break free of the Jaws, scoring 7+. If the test succeeds they can act as normal, but their hand will be too injured to use for 1D6 turns. Therefore they cannot use a shield or double-handed weapon for that time. The trapped Warrior can make a Strength Test at the start of each turn until they escape. No Treasure is gained from competing this Event. Roll 1d6, on a 1-3 draw another Event Card immediately.

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