Random Warhammer Quest Dungeon Events


This page generates one random Dungeon Event from the list of Warhammer Quest Dungeon Events here at the Imperial Vault. This is very useful for quickly generating Dungeon Events, as it avoids creating and rolling on custom Events tables, and you don’t have to squeeze all of the information and images onto a small card.

This tool is only available online. Please hit the refresh button in your browser or click the link below to generate a new Travelling Hazard.

Your Random Warhammer Quest Dungeon Event

The following random event has been generated:



You loose your footing on a patch of slimy muck, landing hard on your ankle. Without access to a healer, the injury slows you down in the treacherous dark of the dungeon... One random Warrior chosen using the Warrior Counters suffers -1 to their Movement and Pinning rolls for the rest of the Adventure, or until they consume one healing potion or have one healing spell cast on them when they are already at full wounds. Refresh

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