Warhammer Quest Warriors


Warhammer Quest WarriorsHere you will find the details of a number of custom Warhammer Quest Warriors (also known as Warhammer Quest Warrior Packs/classes/professions) created by myself or other contributors. You can use them in your games in place of one of the basic Warhammer Quest Warriors (Barbarian, Dwarf, Elf, Wizard) in the same way as the Troll Slayer Warrior in the Warhammer Quest Roleplay book.

As with the official Warhammer Quest Warrior Packs from Games Workshop, these new professions tend to be more high-powered than the original four Warriors, although every effort has been made to ensure that they are not over-powered when compared to the official Warhammer Quest Warrior Packs themselves.

If you have any Warhammer Quest Warriors that you have written, please feel free to send the details to me using the Contact page and I’ll be happy to host them on this site.

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