Warhammer Quest Special Location – The General Store

Warhammer Quest Special Location - The General Store

Warhammer Quest Special Location - The General StoreThe General Store is an updated and extended version of the Warhammer Quest Special Location or Trader found in the Roleplay Book. You can include this Special Location / Trader in your games of Warhammer Quest by simply substituting the rules below for the ones found in the Roleplay Book.

EquipmentBDEWStockCost (Buy)Cost (Sell)Special Rules
Bandages(*)YYYY550 Each51D6 Bandages available. See notes.
Bear Trap(*)YYYY610051d3 Bear-Traps available; See notes.
Casks of Beer(*)YYNY550 Each-1d6 Casks of Beer available. See notes.
Church Candles(*)YYYY310 Each-1d3 + 3 Church Candles available. See notes.
Compass(*)YYYY1150030See notes.
Door Spikes(*)YYYY7100 Each101d6 Door Spikes available; See notes.
Fine RobesYYYY65020-
Fishing Net(*)YYYY51005See notes.
Game-Trap(*)YYYY5100101d3 Traps available; See notes.
Heavy CloakYYYN530075Same as furs, but will not reduce the movement or hit rolls and may be worn in conjunction with furs.
Iron RationsYYYY975 Each5As Provisions; Only spoils at the end of an Adventure on a d6 roll of a 1.
Lantern(*)YYYY625010See notes.
Lantern OilYYYY350-Enough Lantern Oil to last one Adventure.
Lock Picks(*)YYYY9400200See notes.
Map of the Old World(*)YYYY8500100See notes.
Portable Spit(*)YYYY525025See notes.
Provincial Map(*)YYYY730075See notes.
Provisions(*)YYYY550 Each-1D6 Provisions available. See notes.
RopeYYYY5305Use to escape pit; after each use roll 1D6, on 1 or 2 the rope breaks and is discarded
Salt(*)YYNY4505See notes.
Salt-Meat(*)YYNY660 Each-1d6 rations of Salt-Meat available; See notes.
Storm Lantern(*)YYYY850050See notes.
Ten Foot Pole(*)YYYY5405See notes.
Torches(*)YYYY425 Each.-1d6 Torches available. See notes.
Trance StoneYYYY730075If your Warrior does nothing, including move, for one turn, and there are no Monsters on the board, he enters a trance and regains 1 Wound.


Each bandage restores 3 Wounds. One use then discard. At the end of each adventure roll 1D6 for each bandage. On a score of 1, 2 or 3 the bandage has perished and is of no further use.

*Bear Trap

Each Bear-Trap can be placed in an adjacent square to the user at any time in their Warrior Phase when there are no Monsters on the board by spending one point of movement to arm the trap.
A Monster that moves through that square must roll 1d6. On a 4+, they set off the trap and suffer 1d6 Wounds with no modifications. In addition, the Monster has its Movement characteristic reduced by half.
Once a trap has been set off tit may not be used again. An unused trap can be reclaimed at any time by moving up to it and spending one point of Movement to disarm the trap.
Bear-Traps do not affect Monsters with the Ethereal, Large Monster or Fly Special Rules.

*Casks of Beer

-1 to Weapon Skill; -1 Initiative, +1 Strength (Dwarf +2 Strength); +1 on Fear rolls: effects lasts 1 turn; if Wizard drinks he can't cast spells for 2 turns.

*Church Candles

Each Church Candle burns for 1d6 + 6 turns, lights the current Board Section only but may be used to explore just like the Lantern.


It is difficult to find a compass away from the great Sea Ports of the Old World. This allows the party to navigate better in the wilds. For any wilderness travel, you may reduce the journey time by D3 weeks.

*Door Spikes

Each spike keeps a door shut for one turn. To use spike your Warrior must be adjacent to the door. Once spiked, a door cannot be opened unless it is broken down. To break down a door, a Monster must be adjacent to the door. Roll a dice and add the Monster's Strength. On a score of 9 or more the Monster breaks down the door.

*Fishing Net

May only be used to trap Monsters that are human-sized or smaller, for example Dark Elves, Giant Spiders, Chaos Warriors but not Ogres, Minotaurs, Dragons, Centaurs and so on. Instead of attacking, the user may elect to make a single roll To Hit with a -1 To Hit penalty in combat against an adjacent Monster. A successful hit indicates that the Monster is Webbed (see the rules for Giant Spiders). The Monster may make a Strength Test to escape each turn as described in the Giant Spider rules. If they manage to escape, the net is destroyed and may not be used again.
If the user misses, then the net may be reclaimed at the end of the Combat when there are no more Monsters on the board section.


For each week that reveals an Uneventful Week Travelling Hazard when travelling to a Settlement, roll 1d6 for every trap that you decide to use. On a natural 1, the trap malfunctions and must be discarded. On a 2-3, you don't catch anything this time. On a 4+ you catch enough meat to be preserved as 1d3+1 Provisions. These provisions will not go off until the end of the next Adventure.


As described by the Barbarian's starting Equipment Card. Requires Lantern Oil.

*Lock Picks

Lock tools allow the user to open any lock as long as it is not magical or the rules for the lock specifically state otherwise.
To see if your Warrior can open a lock, roll 1D6. On a score of 5 or 6 the lock opens. On a score of 2, 3 or 4 the lock refuses to open at the moment, though your Warrior may try again next turn. On a score of 1, the lock tools are snapped off in the lock and are now useless.

*Map of the Old World

A map of the Old World showing the major roads, towns, cities, ports and rivers. When travelling to a City or Sea Port, reduces the travelling time by one week on a d6 roll of a 4+. However, on a 1, the Map is hopelessly inaccurate adding 2 weeks to the journey time instead.

*Portable Spit

Whenever fresh provisions are being prepared by your Warrior, for example as part of the Game Travelling Hazard, a portable spit roast can be used with salt and other preservatives to preserve the results for even longer. Instead of producing standard Provisions, Iron Rations are produced instead - see the rules for Salt-Meat here at The General Store.

*Provincial Map

A detailed map of one of the provinces of the Old World, showing the majority of local Villages, Towns, Cities, rivers, Sea Ports, hills, woods, local political boundaries and so on. When travelling to a Village or Town, roll 1d6. On a 5+, the provincial map is useful and reduces your total journey time by one week. However, on a 1 the map is out of date or just plain inaccurate and adds one week to the total journey.
In addition, each time a Travelling Hazard is rolled that involves getting lost or choosing the correct road, if the Provincial Map is in use as above then you may negate the effects of the event by passing in Initiative Test with a difficulty of 9. If the Travelling Hazard in question is "Bad Map" and and this test is failed then you must discard them as it is useless!


Each set of provisions restores 2 Wounds. At the end of each adventure unused provisions must be discarded, as they have spoiled.


Salt may be used whenever fresh provisions are being prepared by your Warrior, for example as part of the Game Travelling Hazard. Salt and other preservatives may be used to preserve the Provisions you have prepared for longer. Instead of producing standard Provisions, Salt-Meat is produced instead - see the rules for Salt-Meat here at The General Store.


As Provisions; Only goes off at the end of an Adventure on the roll of a 1 or 2.

*Storm Lantern

As described by the Barbarian's starting Equipment Card. Requires Lantern Oil. If the Storm Lantern is blown out for any reason (like a Dungeon Event), then roll 1d6. On a 3+, the Storm Lanterns construction allows it to remain lit.

*Ten Foot Pole

-1 Movement, roll 1D6 when a Trap is encountered. On a 5 or 6, the Ten Foot Pole triggers the Trap, and the Warriors are not affected. If this happens, roll 1D6 again. On a 1 the Pole is destroyed. Cannot use when Monsters are on the board.


Each Torch burns for 1d6 + 3 turns, and lights the Dungeon as per the Lantern.

Thanks to Sladeymen for the Salt, Portable Spit and Iron Rations. Thanks to DelveLord for the Ten Foot Pole.

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