Random Warhammer Quest Settlement Events


This page generates one random Settlement Event from the list of Warhammer Quest Settlement Events here at Warhammer Quest: The Imperial Vault. This is very useful for quickly generating Settlement Events, as it avoids creating and rolling on custom Settlement Event tables, and you don’t have to squeeze all of the information and images onto a small card.

This tool is only available online. Please hit the refresh button in your browser or click the link below to generate a new Settlement Event.

Your Random Warhammer Quest Settlement Event

The following random event has been generated:


Catching Culture

Illustration of a sick man in bed, attended by a nurse to illustrate the new Warhammer Quest Settlement Event Catching CultureYou slip into the river and break the surface again, half-drowned struggling for breath. Dragged out by helpful onlookers, you quickly realise you are coming down with something as exotic as it is unpleasant. You spend the next 1d3+1 days laid up in your lodgings, unable to leave your bed. During this time you may not perform any Settlement Activities (like visiting a Trader) and do not generate Settlement Events. You must still pay living expenses in this time, and once recovered you must pay the physician 1d6 x 25 x (Title*) Gold or leave town immediately. *Battle Leve 1 = 1, BL 2-4 = 2, BL 5-8 = 3, BL 9-10 = 4, corresponding to the titles Novice, Champion, Hero and Lord. Refresh

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