Random Warhammer Quest Settlement Events


This page generates one random Settlement Event from the list of Warhammer Quest Settlement Events here at Warhammer Quest: The Imperial Vault. This is very useful for quickly generating Settlement Events, as it avoids creating and rolling on custom Settlement Event tables, and you don’t have to squeeze all of the information and images onto a small card.

This tool is only available online. Please hit the refresh button in your browser or click the link below to generate a new Settlement Event.

Your Random Warhammer Quest Settlement Event

The following random event has been generated:


Flotsam and Jetsam

Warhammer Quest Settlement Event - Flotsam and JetsamYou are admiring the view from the oldest bridge in town when the stone from the wall you are leaning on give way, pitching you into the murky water. It is several hours before you are washed up on the banks of the river and you are forced to spend the night and the following day trudging back to town. You may not perform any Settlement Activities or generate any Settlement Events the following day, but must still pay living expenses today and the following day as your landlord keeps the room for you and your possessions. Refresh

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