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Warhammer Quest Ogre Kingdoms Rules

This section contains new rules for using Ogre Kingdoms Monsters in your games of Warhammer Quest, including new types of Monster like the fearsome Ogre Bulls, lethal Leadbelchers and cunning Gnoblars. You can use these rules to produce new Event Cards and tables,to add variety and character to your Quests.

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The Ogre Kingdoms in Warhammer Quest

Far to the east of the Old World within the craggy valleys and cave networks of the Mountains of Mourn lie the Ogre Kingdoms. These brutish monsters foray into the outside world in their hundreds to find food and war. Ogres believe that might makes right, excelling at two things: eating and fighting.

Individually, an Ogre is more than a match for a unit of Men, for these creatures stand over ten feet tall and are almost as wide. They are aggressive brutes ruled by their stomach and lust for violence, their Ogre Bulls gathering together into huge stampedes.

– Games-Workshop.com

More Information about Warhammer Quest Ogre Kingdoms

The Ogre Kingdoms simply did not exist at the time the Warhammer Quest boxed game and expansion packs were released. Previously to the release of a distinct Ogre Kingdoms army for Warhammer, Ogres were only present as archetypal Ogres from fairytales, acting as mercenaries in other better-realised armies. There are no official Warhammer Quest Resources for the Ogre Kingdoms, so everything in this section has been written by fans who want to incorporate the new background material into their games of Warhammer Quest.

Sources of background information about the Ogre Kingdoms include Warhammer Armies: Ogre Kingdoms, published by Games Workshop and distributed by lots of retailers online. There is a section devoted to the Ogre Kingdoms Warhammer army in the Warhammer Section of the main Games Workshop website as well.
Finally, websites devoted to Warhammer Online – an online role-play game published by Mythic – contain lots of artwork and background for all of the races involved.

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