Sep 062012

As the tile beneath your feet shifts a little, you freeze, eyes darting to the walls, the floor, expecting the trap. An explosion of pain in your head is your only warming before the crossbow concealed in the ceiling above your head reloads with an audible ratcheting sound…
Select the number of random Warriors shown in the table below and deal the corresponding amount of damage. Damage dealt by the crossbow bolts ignores all armour except any headgear worn.
Battle Level / No. Warriors / Damage
BL 1 / 1 / 1d6+4
BL 2-4 / 1d3 / 1d6+4
BL 5-8 / 1 / 2d6+5
BL 9-10 / 1d3 / 2d6+5

Draw another Event Card.

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