Warhammer Quest Character Sheets

Warhammer Quest Character Sheet by LuigiX

Here you will find all the Warhammer Warrior Quest character sheets or Adventure Record Sheets that we have created, or those character sheets that have been submitted by readers from use in their own games of Warhammer Quest.

What are Warhammer Quest Character Sheets?

Warhammer Quest Character Sheet by LuigiX

Warhammer Quest Character Sheet by LuigiX

A Character Sheet is a general RPG term for the sheet or sheets of paper that a player uses as a reminder of their character’s special rules. There are two types of character sheet provided in the Warhammer Quest boxed game:

  • Basic character sheet – This is the smaller, A5 character sheet used in the standard ‘out of the box’ game’, which only has space for your character’s name, current Gold and Wounds.
  • Warhammer Quest Adventure Record Sheet – This bigger, A4 character sheet is used for games using the rules from the Roleplay Book. This Warhammer Quest character sheet had space for all kinds of stuff, including your character’s statistics, Wounds, Gold, equipment, treasure, armour and so on.

Warhammer Quest Character Sheet Downloads

Got your own Warhammer Quest Character Sheets?

If you have any Warhammer Quest character sheets (or other files and rules) that you have written, please feel free to send the details to us using the Contact page and we’ll be happy to host them on this site.

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  1. Thanks for the character sheet, LuigiX. It’s an unusual layout, and I really like the To Hit chart and the place to put the monsters you kill in combat.


    Questing Knight

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