Random Warhammer Quest Travelling Hazards


This page generates one random Travelling Hazard from the list of Warhammer Quest Travelling Hazards here at the Imperial Vault. This is very useful for quickly generating Travelling Hazards, as it avoids creating and rolling on custom Travelling Hazard tables, and you don’t have to squeeze all of the information and images onto a small card.

This tool is only available online. Please hit the refresh button in your browser or click the link below to generate a new Travelling Hazard.

Your Random Warhammer Quest Travelling Hazard

The following random event has been generated:


Merchant Wagon

Warhammer Quest Travelling Hazard - Merchant
A merchant wagon with an armed guard passes on the road, heading for a distant settlement. Upon seeing that the Warriors have coin and mean no harm, the merchant offers his wares for sale.
Roll 1d6 to see what kind of wares the merchant is selling, and again to see how well stocked his wagon is:
  • 1: Armourer
  • 2: Fletcher
  • 3: Weaponsmith
  • 4: Animal Trader
  • 5: General Store
  • 6: Gunsmith
Roll for stock as:
  • 1 -2: Village
  • 3-4: Town
  • 5-6: City
You may purchase goods from the trader just as if you were at the equivalent Trader in the settlement type rolled above, including rolls for quantity, stock, time wasting and so on. Refresh

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