Nov 192010

Warhammer Quest Travelling Hazard - RangerThe party are forced to stop when a voice in the shadows tells them they are surrounded by Empire soldiers. When it becomes obvious that you are adventurers seeking a settlement, a lone man wearing the earthy colours of an Imperial Hunstsman steps into the path. He offers to lead you to your chosen destination – for a fee!

If the Warriors will pay 1d6 * 25 Gold each (roll once, all the Warriors will pay the same), then the Ranger will lead you to your destination.
If the Warriors pay the Ranger, roll 1d6. On a 1, the ranger is a fraud and takes you to an isolated spot before disapearing into the night with your gold – add two weeks onto your journey time.
On any other result the ranger proves his worth, reducing your remaining journey time by half.

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