Warhammer Quest Special Location – The Stables

Warhammer Quest Special Location - The Stables

Warhammer Quest Special Location - The Stables

The Stables is a new Special Location for Warhammer Quest where the Warriors can leave their faithful steeds in relative safety. You can use this Special Location in your games of Warhammer Quest like any of the standard Special Locations found in the Warhammer Quest Roleplay Book.

At the Stables, a Warrior may leave his faithful steed in the hands of trained stable-hands and behind the high walls of the stable yard.

Of the Silver Spurs Stables, Middenheim –
Old Talendil will look after your mules, brave Sir; Well, I say old, you never can tell with them Elves, and they say he can actually understand what the horses say, if you can believe it… anyway, they should be safe as the city walls over at the Silver Spur Stables, if you have silver enough to spare…
Reinhardt ‘One-Tooth’ , Inn-Keeper at the Lone Wolf, Middenheim

Who may visit the Stables? Any Warrior may visit this Special Location.
Roll to find this Special Location: You can find the stables on a 4+

You may stable any livestock your Warrior has for the cost in the table below:

Settlement Type: Village Town City
Cost per animal per day (Gold): 1 2 3

Stabling regular horses, mules and so on will cost the amount shown for the type of Settlement in the table above. Stabling Warhorses, Elven Steeds and the like costs an extra 2 Gold per day. A cart can also be left at the stables for the same price as regular horses and mules.

An Imperial Noble will only use the finest stables for his (obviously superior) steed. A Noble always pays double the above costs.

If an animal or cart is destroyed, damaged or stolen whilst they are housed at the stables, either as a result of a Settlement event, a roll made when leaving the Settlement as per the rules presented in the Animal Trader or another source, you may roll 1d6. On a 3+, the high walls and watchful stable-hands prevent the loss or damage of the animal or cart, and they remain in the Warrior’s possession.

Warhammer Quest Special Location - The Stables

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