Jun 122012
A poor Warrior getting drenched in the Warhammer Quest Settlement Event 'Unpleasant Shower'

A poor Warrior getting drenched in the Warhammer Quest Settlement Event 'Unpleasant Shower'You are working your way through the narrow streets when one of the residents decides to clear out their waste – from the window above your head! 

Make a roll to escape Pinning, just as if you were in combat with a Monster. If you fail, your hair and clothes are soaked. You must pay double living expenses today and every subsequent day until you purchase new Fine Robes and boots at the General Store (or equivalent). Purchases are also more expensive as your foul smell offends the trader; all purchases cost an extra 25% until a change of clothing is made.

May 132012


Fleeing a would-be mugger or pick-pocket shadowing you to your lodgings, you impulsively duck through a shabby archway, round a corner and through a battered, ancient wooden gate. Latching the gate behind you, you turn to behold a wondrous walled garden overflowing with beautiful flora and tranquility.
You decide to stay there for some time, and leave with a lighter heart. Gain +1 Starting Wound permanently.

Mar 162012
Warhammer Quest Settlement Event - Leaving Town

Warhammer Quest Settlement Event - Leaving TownA man rushes up to you as you tend your horse. Clearly in a panic, he looks over his shoulder often and offers to buy your steed for twice its worth.
If you have an animal, the man will buy it for twice the price listed in the Animal Trader. If you sell him your steed, the man rides away in a cloud of dust and you never see him again. Roll 1d6, on a 1, the man gave you counterfeit coins and the money is worthless – remove it from your character sheet. On a 2, the Watch arrive soon after, and some passers-by inform them that you were seen selling the man – a wanted criminal – a steed. You are arrested and placed in gaol for 1d3 days before you can convince them that you did not know the man. During this time you do not pay living expenses and may not perform any actions, visit any traders or Special Locations, or generate any Settlement Events. You are released after this time but must pay a fine of 1d6 x 20 x (Title) gold.

Mar 162012
Warhammer Quest Settlement Event - Cart Stolen

Warhammer Quest Settlement Event - Cart StolenYou return to your lodgings after a busy day haggling with traders to find that your cart has seemingly vanished. Fortunately the mule was kept separately nearer the stables!

If your Warrior has a cart, then it has been stolen and should be removed from your character sheet. If your Warrior does not possess a cart, you can treat this as an Uneventful Day.

Mar 152012
Warhammer Quest Settlement Event - Stray Hound

Warhammer Quest Settlement Event - Stray HoundA stray hound has taken to following you around town, waiting outside you lodgings until the dawn so that it can be by your side as you go about your business. It would be touching, were it not for the scrawny, flea-bitten, and above all malodorous presence of the dog.

So bad is the smell of the dog that all purchases count as having a stock value of 1 point higher than normal whist the hound follows you, and all Special Locations are at -1 on the dice roll. The mangy wretch follows your Warrior for 1d6 days. Each day after the first, the Warrior may make an Initiative Test at the end of the day (1d6 + Initiative, 8+ to pass). Success indicates that the Warrior has managed to shake the stray off, or palmed it off on some unsuspecting charitable person, hospice, or fool with no sense of smell.

Mar 152012
Warhammer Quest Settlement Event - Animal Stolen

Warhammer Quest Settlement Event - Animal Stolen

Your trusty steed was stolen in the night whilst the stable-boy slept.

Randomly select one riding animal (e.g. horse, warhorse, mule) in the Warrior’s possession and remove it from their character sheet.