Feb 212011

A cloaked, stooped figure slinks into view, keeping to the shadows and moving with an eerie silence. He furtively approaches the Warriors and – while looking theatrically about him to check for enemies – says in little more than a whisper.
“Well met my friends, for I bring important news. Your quest must be postponed, for the danger is greater than ever imagined. You must abandon your task and return whence you came. You will each be given 750 gold for your trouble.”
With that he slinks away with surprising speed, merging with the shadows once more.
If the Warriors abandon their quest, they must work their way back to the entrance, rolling for Unexpected Events as normal. If the way is blocked by a cave-in or other obstacle they have no choice but to go on. Depending on what they do, when the Warriors either get out of the dungeon or reach the objective room, roll 1D6 on the table below.
1-3 The stranger lied, and you weren’t expected back! If the Warriors left the dungeon, abandoning their quest, each of them loses 1D6 x 100 gold as he tries to make amends for his shame at failure! If the Warriors carry on, they may now finish the adventure as normal.
4-6 The character told the truth! If the Warriors abandon their quest they may collect their payment as agreed. If the Warriors go ahead and finish their quest, roll twice on the Objective Room Monster Table to see what their objective room contains.
Roll 1D6. On a score of 1, 2 or 3 draw another Event card immediately.

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