Feb 212011

The Warriors find a dying Orc lying on the floor, the victim of an intertribe feud. Even though bleeding from a dozen fatal wounds, he still manages to growl and snarl at them to keep back. He seems to be protecting a sturdy iron key he is clutching in his left hand.
The Warriors can either rush him or wait until he dies before relieving him of the key.
If they rush him, he fights desperately even as his final life blood ebbs away. Roll 1D6 for each Warrior. On a score of 1, 2 or 3 that Warrior suffers 1D6 + 2 Wounds as the Orc slashes him. At the end of this savage, and somewhat one-sided fight, the Orc will be dead and the key in the Warriors’ possession.
If the Warriors wait, the Orc takes 1D6 turns to die, during which time he makes a lot of noise. If an Unexpected Event occurs during this time, rather than take an Event card, make two rolls on the Monster Table to see what arrives. These Monsters must be killed before the key can be taken.
The key is for the iron padlock on the locked door from Event 43 (Locked Door)

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