Feb 212011

The Warriors come across slaves chained to the walls. They are in a particularly sorry state, and look as if they haven’t been fed for many days. They cry out to be freed.
There is no reward to be gained for helping the slaves, but compassion demands their freedom! It takes the Warriors 1D6 turns to free the slaves. For each turn spent breaking their chains, an Unexpected Event occurs on a roll of 1 or 2, rather than just a 1, as the process is quite noisy.
If the Warriors decide not to free the slaves, they must make a note of the fact on their Adventure Record sheets. Now, every time a Warrior wishes to be trained, roll 1D6 on the following table.
1 -3 The owner of the training ground recognises your Warrior from a description given to him by a close friend, who was one of the slaves. The poor, unfortunate man managed to escape on his own, but died shortly afterwards, cursing the Warriors who left him to rot. The training ground owner refuses to train such a
cowardly knave. Your Warrior must wait until after the next dungeon and see if he can train at the next Settlement, at which point you must roll on this table again.
4-5 Your Warrior is spotted by the training ground owner as the cur who refused to free his recently released son from the clutches of the local Orcs. He agrees to train him, but charges double the normal rate. It is your choice whether the offer is accepted.
6 No-one recognises your Warrior or remembers his cowardly actions. He may train as normal here, but the fate of the slaves he deserted must surely remain on his conscience. Roll again the next time he trains.
The rules for ‘Disgruntled ex-slaves’ with a grudge can be found in the Special Items location.

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