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DisarmedWith a savage thrust, your blade is battered out of your hand and sent spinning across the floor. Defenceless, you scramble frantically for your lost blade…

One Warrior chosen using the Warrior Counters looses his weapon, and must spend the rest of the turn gaining it back. Whilst without a weapon, all monsters are at +2 to hit you in combat, and you do not add your Strength to damage dealt to Monsters.
If the Warrior has an alternative weapon in his treasure/equipment, then they may elect to use it in place of seeking their original weapon, and therefore do not suffer the penalties in combat noted above. In this case, the dropped weapon is assumed to be recovered when all monsters are removed from the board section.

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  1. This is interesting and I like it. However, in the normal rules for Warhammer Quest, the Warrior chooses which weapon he will use at the beginning of his turn. Therefore, I ask does this event overrule that rule and force the Warrior to try to recover his weapon in the current turn, or can the Warrior choose another weapon on his person (or in his pack/bag) as usual and just NOT be able to use the weapon he was holding at the end of the previous turn?

    • Hi Old Warrior

      An interesting point. I think I need to clarify this one a little; I think it should be allowed only when there are Monsters already present on the board and another generated when there are not. I’ll amend the text of the event to include this.

      With regard to swapping Weapons, part of me wants to say that it’s punishment enough to loose your favoured weapon in combat and that it is fine to retrieve the weapon at the end of the combat. But as the Warrior in question is already on the defensive in the description of the event, perhaps an Initiative test could be made – a 7+ passes, or a 6+ when the Warrior is attempting to switch to a knife. A pass would indicate that the Warrior was quick-thinking enough to arm himself with another weapon, effectively cancelling the negative effects of the Event. The original weapon would be retrieved at the end of the combat.

      What do you think?

  2. Sounds like it could work. Ultimately, the Warrior would have to choose whether it is worth the risk to try to recover the weapon he has lost or to just switch weapons. However the switch is worked out, I think the event is plenty negative for the Warrior, unless it happens right at the off moment when he had just used a not-so-favoured weapon. Poor Warrior! 🙂

    • Sounds reasonable. I’ll update the text of the event, and keep it simple, so no Init test. I suppose (evil) GMs can always make it a bit harder for their players if they like!

      Thank you very much for your contribution, OW, it was a pleasure as always 🙂


  3. Simplicity is very valuable. I am one that needs to work on that! I think your rewording will work quite well with both the rules and still in keeping the idea for the event.

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