Feb 212011

A small figure runs out of the darkness nearby and is quickly identified as a Snotling. He tags along behind the Warriors, hoping to steal some of their treasure. He is a shifty little character, and squeaks a warning every time the Warriors enter a room – but for whose benefit it is not exactly clear.
While the Snotling is with the Warriors they may all move an extra square each turn, as he can guide them through the tunnels. In addition, whenever an Unexpected Event that reveals Monsters occurs, roll 1D6 on the following table:
1-3 The Snotling warns the Monsters the Warriors are here and they therefore attack immediately, rather than waiting for the Monsters’ Phase.
4-6 The Snotling warns the Warriors that they are about to be ambushed and they therefore get +1 Attack each in the first round of combat.
If the Warriors kill the Snotling, his bloodcurdling death scream reverberates through the dungeon and you must roll twice on the Monster Table one higher than the party’s Battle-level to determine what Monsters arrive to investigate the noise.
At the end of each turn, roll 2D6. On a double 1 or 2, the Snotling sneaks off into the darkness and is never seen again.

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